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Here are Ganado Feed & More, we feed everything from an earthworm to an elephant! Whether you're feeding your cows in the pasture, prized show heifers, horses, or fur babies, we've got you covered! We carry Purina Feeds, a leader in the feeding industry. Greatness starts with a great feeding program. Contact us today to find the custom feeding program right for your operation.

Weaning Calves? Take the stress out of your weaning with products like Precon or Texas Commercial Starter, available in both sacks and bulk delivery. Rent a bulk feeder from us!

Looking for a good mineral to feed? We carry a Specialized Gulf Coast Mineral that is tailored to our Gulf Coast area and the cows really eat it!

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YOUR Cattle Working Headquarters This Spring

No matter the size of your herd, we're here to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to ensure a safe, smooth cattle working experience this spring!  Wade & Amber have a combined 50+ years experience in the cattle business, and we know our livestock health supplies!  No more guessing games about what you need to keep your herd healthy!  Stop by soon and we'll help you maximize your profits this season in the cattle business!

It's time to stop Flies before they get started!

We carry a variety of products to manage flies for the season, including Purina & PF Mineral Tubs with IGR, Justifly Brand Feed & Mineral Additive, Justifly Free Choice Salt and Blocks, and Fly Pour Ons and Sprays.  Typically if you start feeding the Feed-Through products found in the tubs and Justifly products early, you can expect to see a drastic reduction in fly populations during the season.  Call or stop by and we can help you with all your fly management needs!

Fly Control Facts:

  • The horn fly is one of the most important and economically damaging pest of range cattle. In the United States they cost cattle producers approximately $876 million every year.
  • Adult flies migrate from other herds. IGR feed thru does not kill adult flies.
  • IGR unique ingredient, Methoprene, even controls horn flies resistant to the organophosphates and parathyroid commonly used in conventional horn fly control products.
  • Scientists estimate that an economical, effective program keeps the fly population below 200 flies per animal.
  • IGR prevents the flies from successfully multiplying, breaking the life cycle.

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JustiFLY Fly-A-Salt Cattle Fly Control Block with Salt, 44 lb | 700 Feedings ... - Picture 1 of 6

Prozap StandGuard Pour-On Insecticide for Cattle

Liquid Feed - We carry Accuration Range Liquid 32-10- tried and proven supplementation with IM technology.

Working cows? We carry everything you need-- Vaccines, Wormer, Fly Pour On, Ear Tags, even drinks and snacks for the cowboys!

We have all the necessities you need for taking care of your fur babies. We have excellent feeding programs including Sportmix, Ultimates, and Exclusive Pet Foods.

Take advantage of our Auto-Delivery Program for any Cattle, Horse, or Pet Foods. Free within city limits! Contact us for more information and to get started.

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